Thursday, July 31, 2014

High Frontier Colonization Poster-Map, April 2014

Getting that spring feeling from items at zazzle.

Use this Poster-Map as a game board to play any edition of High Frontier. It has many more sites to explore than the standard Colonization map, including new sites on Luna and Mercury, the inner systems of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune including the Neptune aerostat, the solar Oberth maneuver, Phobos space elevator, the asteroids Fortuna and Icarus plus the Sylvia family, Comet Holmes, the Norse moonlets, the Portia Group, the Kreutz sungrazer, a fourth space venture, and the newly discovered rings of Chariklo. Updated Apr 2014."I printed the Colonization HF Poster-Map in Large (48.00" x 22.46"), Value Poster Paper (Matte). It is great as long as you have the space for it. Otherwise, I would get the 36” X 24" version. If you combine with another Poster-Map (Bios-Origins or Interstellar) then you could do even better on price since you only need to pay for shipping once. The quality on both maps are top notch so I can strongly recommend them." Russell Harley

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